November 11, 2013

Happo-en Park, and LOTS of brides!

It was a low-key adventure today, but SO enjoyable! We went to a tiny park, called Happo-en Park, it was just like an oasis in the middle of Tokyo. So peaceful and beautiful!

The koi were unbelievable!

We loved this little hut overlooking the pond.

There was also a traditional tea house in the park. This lady was preparing tea, we watched her through the window.

As we were walking around, we started to see brides everywhere! I don't blame them, what a lovely place for a photo shoot. I always love seeing brides!

This couple was my personal favorite!

Ella, Eva and Audrey.

The park was so peaceful, I could have sat here all day long!

Our train "selfie" on the way home. Merri, Audrey, Ella, Eva and myself.