July 19, 2013

Showa Kinen Park

We went to Showa Kinen (memorial) Park today, a beautiful, enormous city park. We walked for hours and still did not see everything. They have a paddle boat lake, a water park, bike rentals, lots of different play areas for kids, as well as lovely picnic spots.

This was the big net climbing area, it was huge.

I really wanted to climb too! No such luck!

More slides.

Several playgrounds.

I still can't get over the greenery!

A maze made of little hills, all very uniform in size.

Big air bladders to jump on.

Dragons made of stone to climb in and on.

A handsome spectator!

Japanese custom is to remove your shoes when entering a bathroom and wear the slippers provided. This bathroom, at a public park, was so clean you could have eaten in there! (We later decided that we must have used a staff bathroom, because none of the other bathrooms had slippers. Ooops! Oh well, at least we followed the proper protocol!)

Beautiful meditation areas, we tried to keep the kids quiet here. This is the  girls with their new BFF, Katie.

Eva's new friends.

It was a great day!