November 11, 2013

Happo-en Park, and LOTS of brides!

It was a low-key adventure today, but SO enjoyable! We went to a tiny park, called Happo-en Park, it was just like an oasis in the middle of Tokyo. So peaceful and beautiful!

The koi were unbelievable!

We loved this little hut overlooking the pond.

There was also a traditional tea house in the park. This lady was preparing tea, we watched her through the window.

As we were walking around, we started to see brides everywhere! I don't blame them, what a lovely place for a photo shoot. I always love seeing brides!

This couple was my personal favorite!

Ella, Eva and Audrey.

The park was so peaceful, I could have sat here all day long!

Our train "selfie" on the way home. Merri, Audrey, Ella, Eva and myself.


  1. You all look happy and healthy. We're all loving your blog.

  2. Some of the brides look so serious! Looks lovely - loving your blog/pics!


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